'Almost all neuroses begins as an alternative to legitimate suffering' - Carl Jung Hunger. We have a complicated relationship with it. This week a couple of my colleagues and I are taking part in the Ration Challenge. I'm two days into a week of eating plain rice gruel, a few beans, no coffee. Later in … Continue reading Hunger.

What is distraction for?…mind the gap!

Apparently it's a modern epidemic, destroying our economic, physical, academic and spiritual potential. It pours out of our phones, Stan, Netfilx, Cable, Playstations, Xboxes, IPads, IPods, Radios, and Apple Watches. It comes at us 24 hours a day, ruining our lives and, (so I'm told) we're powerless to defend ourselves. Distraction. The latin root of … Continue reading What is distraction for?…mind the gap!